Local April 10, 2023 | 7:49 am

26 dead and 400 intoxicated by alcohol during the Easter holiday

During the Easter holiday, 26 deaths were reported, as stated in the three bulletins released by the Emergency Operations Center (COE). Of the 26, 22 fatalities were attributed to traffic accidents, and the remaining four were due to drowning. Last year, the number of deaths during the Greater Week was higher at 35. Major General Juan Manuel Méndez García, the COE director, and other representatives of the inter-institutional center released the bulletins on Friday, Saturday, and Holy Sunday.

The COE provided journalists with two lists of deceased individuals; one included thirteen victims under the “Coexistence for Life” operation and the other contained thirteen individuals whose deaths occurred outside the road safety devices. Thus, they were not considered part of the operation. The names of those killed during the Easter week operation include José Antonio Martínez Aybar, 33; Israel Andújar Medina, 61 years old; Antonio Encarnacion Encarnacion, 54 years old; Juan Pinales, 52 years old, and Luis Armando Zapata, 49 years old. Meanwhile, Alahia Maiteh Pérez Mora, two years old; Antonio Francisco Mercedes, 37 years old; and Rafa Balbuena, 55 years old, died in a vehicular or motorcycle traffic accident.

Yency Fernando Matos Ferreras, 25 years old; Rosario Placencia, 30 years old; and Reylin Núñez Hernández, 20 years old, were also killed during the holiday. On the other hand, Jesús Daniel de la Cruz Disla, 33 years old; Jeiren Manuel Ramírez Tena, one-year-old, and Roger E. Javier Cuevas, 44 years old, are included in the list of deaths not considered part of the operation.



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Paul Tierney
April 10, 2023 8:10 am

If good comes from this bad news is the 26 deaths are less this Easter Holiday than last year’s report of 35. Wondering now is how government is going to spin the decrease to make it look like it is responsible for lowering the numbers. Sometimes it is not the efforts of agencies, groups, or people in general that create the numbers. It is the result of shi* luck.

May the dearly departed RIP.

Last edited 1 year ago by Paul Tierney
April 10, 2023 11:13 pm

more dead than in war in Ukraine …who needs weapons …just drink “firewater” …