Local April 26, 2023 | 11:51 am

Councilors of the PLD and Fuerza del Pueblo deny the “achievements” of Mayor Manuel Jiménez in SDE

The councilors of Santo Domingo Este’s Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and People’s Force (FP) have contradicted Mayor Manuel Jiménez’s accountability report, stating that his administration has failed to solve any of the issues affecting the community. The PLD councilor block specifically criticized Jiménez’s mismanagement of solid waste, citing the ongoing garbage problem in the streets as a health hazard and an eyesore for the municipality.

The councilors also highlighted that the promised acquisition of more garbage trucks has not been fulfilled, and the existing ones are already damaged. The peledeístas further noted the municipality’s storm drainage crisis, leading to waterlogged streets during rainfall, and accused Jiménez’s administration of violating municipal laws and failing to execute promised campaigns. Flores from the People’s Force called out Jiménez’s false claims, accusing him of failing to execute participatory budgets and causing disorder in the municipality. He also criticized the Xenaquis company contracted for garbage collection in District 3 for their inefficiency.

The councilors ultimately agreed that Jiménez’s administration has not done enough to address security issues in the community, and Flores declared him the worst mayor in the history of the municipality and the Republic.


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