Local April 27, 2023 | 2:37 pm

Government summons the ONE to explain delays in payments to enumerators

On Thursday, Raquel Peña, the Vice President, announced that a meeting had been scheduled with the management of the National Statistics Office (ONE) to address the delay in payments to some enumerators. Peña mentioned that the decision to hold the meeting was made after a woman knelt at the ONE facilities demanding payment. She emphasized that those who have not yet been paid will receive their payment without delay.

Peña made these remarks at the conclusion of the “Dare to Dream” event, which she co-led with Gloria Reyes, the director of the Supérate social policy program. According to a statement released by the ONE on Wednesday, 548 out of 35,000 people who participated in the X National Population and Housing Census have yet to receive payment. The statement also apologized to collaborators who have yet to receive their payment.

In December 2022, the ONE reported that it had paid 99% of the personnel who were authorized to work in the census, with the remaining 1% still waiting for payment.


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