Local May 4, 2023 | 2:48 pm

An average of 15 daily telluric movements are recorded in the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- The National Center for Seismology at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo reports an average of 15 telluric movements per day. Jottin Collado, a seismologist from the center, explained that on Wednesday, a 4.2 magnitude movement was felt at 4:02 pm following four other movements in the province of Azua, which were not felt due to their low magnitude. After the 4.2 movements, 10 additional events were reported, with one close to La Romana at 3.2 degrees, the area nearest to Isla Saona. As of Thursday morning, eight events have already been located in various areas.

Collado further noted that the country has 14 tectonic faults, and each one behaves differently. Therefore, if movements are recorded in areas distant from where the most significant event occurred, they are unrelated due to the different movement mechanisms of each fault. The seismologist’s comments demonstrate the need to consider multiple factors and variables when interpreting seismic data.

The frequency of telluric movements in the region highlights the importance of monitoring and preparedness for seismic activity in the area. The work of the National Center for Seismology is crucial in understanding and predicting seismic events to ensure the safety of the population. The ongoing efforts of the center to report and track these movements will contribute to a better understanding of the region’s geological activity and promote better preparedness measures.

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