Local May 20, 2023 | 10:37 am

Policemen kill “El Mudito,” accused by “Brad Pitt” of killing the Presidency driver

A man who was wanted for the commission of multiple criminal acts in different sectors, including the homicide of the first lieutenant of the ERD, Luis Pérez Ruiz, who was a driver for the Presidency, was killed when he confronted a National Police patrol in the Invimosa sector of the municipality of Santo Domingo East.

The victim was Yensi Dariel de la Rosa (a) Mudo and/or El Mudito, who died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds. Sergeant Jorge Luis Adames Doñe, 33 years old, and Private Yeison Elías Recio Montero, 21 years old, were wounded in the legs by the aforementioned criminal.

According to the preliminary report, on Thursday afternoon, the agents of the Central Investigation Directorate (DICRIM) were making a tour of the Invimosa sector, where they spotted Yensi (a) El Mudito. Upon noticing the police presence, he pulled out a firearm with which he attacked the patrol, resulting in an exchange of fire in which the offender was killed and the agents were wounded.

Apresan a Brad Pitt por muerte chofer de la Presidencia

Lieutenant Luis Pérez Ruiz / External source

Yensi Dariel de la Rosa (a) Mudo and/or El Mudito was being actively sought by arrest warrant No.530-2022-EMES-07404, for the fact that he and Miguel Angel (a) El Bley, were the alleged perpetrators of the murder of Eliezer Lachapelle (a) La Gaviota, who was wounded by a firearm projectile, on 19-11-2022, in the Invivienda sector, Santo Domingo East.

Also, he had against him arrest warrant No.973-2023-EMES-00828, for the fact that he, together with the nicknamed “Leito” and “Culebra,” were the alleged perpetrators of having intercepted and robbed a citizen of his belongings by means of a robbery.

In addition, they have a complaint against them from the Santo Domingo Prosecutor’s Office No.13001-2023-006833, dated 04-26-2023, presented by another citizen, for the fact that he together with the already submitted Thomas Alberto Perez (a) Javali, German Francisco Rojas (a) El Cojo and the nicknamed “Saul” and “Steven” on board of a Hyundai vehicle, model Sonata, gray, license plate No. A767901 intercepted the complainant and robbed him of his Browning pistol, Cal. 9mm, serial No. 245MM02102, which he was carrying as a member of the E.R.D., which occurred on 23-04-2023, Cansino Adentro sector, in Santo Domingo East.

The recognized antisocial had a complaint against him filed by a third citizen, who pointed him out as the presumed author of having robbed him of his belongings on 30-11-2022, in the Invimosa sector, Santo Domingo East.

Likewise, Juan Antonio García (a) “Brad Pitt” and/or Pablo Piddy was identified by means of an interview as the perpetrator having caused the death by a firearm projectile of the first lieutenant of the Army Luis Pérez Ruiz, which occurred in the sector La Ureña, on 16-03-2023.

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