Local May 26, 2023 | 3:47 pm

Dominican Republic clarifies repatriation process of undocumented Haitians, denies misinformation on social media

Santo Domingo.- The General Directorate of Migration (DGM) has clarified the process of repatriating undocumented Haitian nationals from the Dominican Republic. The DGM stated that a coordinated binational procedure is followed, involving designated agencies and authorities from both countries.

The repatriated individuals are handed over directly to Haitian migration authorities, refuting claims that they are released at various border crossings. The DGM emphasized that no costs or penalties are incurred by those who are interdicted, apart from those established by Dominican laws.

The institution addressed false information circulating on social media and some digital outlets, including videos portraying children in cabins and fields. The DGM clarified that they do not deport children and, if such a situation arises, the children are immediately handed over to Conani, the National Council for Children.

The DGM highlighted that approximately 7,000 undocumented foreigners, predominantly Haitian nationals, have been deported in the past seven days. The deportations are carried out in humane conditions using modern units of the institution to transport individuals to border exchange points, where they are then handed over to Haitian immigration agents and border police.

Venancio Alcántara, the head of Migration, emphasized that the deportation process is closely monitored by the institution’s Immigration Interdiction Team to ensure adherence to the appropriate protocol. Alcántara also reiterated that any agent or public servant found to be involved in illegal activities will be dismissed and handed over to the authorities.

Furthermore, the head of Migration emphasized the commitment of the current management to enforce Law 285-04, as mandated by President Luis Abinader. The administration is dedicated to countering illicit activities such as the trafficking of undocumented immigrants, arms, and contraband goods across the border. Immigration policies are being implemented to address these criminal actions that threaten public safety.

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bernie sierra
May 27, 2023 12:21 pm

This is a total lie from this immigration official. They are arresting and even deporting underage undocumented Haitians. And in some cases the immigration officers take bribe from the illegal Haitians. Some illegal and even legal Haitians are charged up 10K pesos to be let go free. They put women and men in the same trucks. I am Dominican and I support legal migration and against illegal migration. But the arrest of those living in the country has to be done in a humanly way