Local June 1, 2023 | 9:38 am

Pacheco highlights the well-earned respect of the Dominican Republic, which motivates him to choose it for international forums

Santo Domingo.- Alfredo Pacheco, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, expressed the solidity and respect that the Dominican Republic has gained in international organizations, making it a suitable choice to host significant international events. Speaking during a special program of El Gobierno de la Mañana, held as part of the Forum of Presidents of the Legislative Powers of Central America, the Caribbean Basin, and Mexico (Foprel), Pacheco emphasized the interest shown by these organizations in utilizing the Dominican Republic as a venue.

Pacheco highlighted the remarkable appeal of the Dominican Republic to international bodies, stating that they specifically request the country as the location for their upcoming events due to their desire to witness the phenomenon of the Dominican Republic.

Furthermore, Pacheco acknowledged the strong position of the Dominican Republic’s economy within Latin America. He noted that it currently ranks as the eighth most significant economy in the region and is steadily progressing towards becoming the seventh.

The legislator mentioned that one of the activities planned for the international event is a conference on the development of a framework law on climate change.

Pacheco expressed the Dominican Republic’s high expectations for the forum’s development, aiming to continue creating legislation that promotes improved coexistence within society.

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