Local June 15, 2023 | 11:56 am

Miriam Germán moves to a “safe place” after receiving death threats against her son

Santo Domingo.- The Attorney General of the Dominican Republic, Miriam Germán Brito, has been forced to relocate to a new residence in a secret location due to death threats, particularly targeting one of her children. In order to ensure her safety, she has been provided with a more secure area with enhanced surveillance. The specific address has been kept secret on the advice of state security agencies, due to personal threats from organized crime groups.

The threats against Germán Brito have been attributed to Joel Ambioris Pimentel García, also known as “La J,” who prosecutors identified as the leader of a criminal network that controls the new prison system in the country.

On June 6, Germán Brito confirmed that she had received direct threats towards her son, with the person warning her not to take action against their relatives in prison.

Upon arriving at the Attorney General’s Office, Germán Brito was met with representatives from various civil organizations who came to express their solidarity in the face of the threats. Demonstrators showed their support under the slogan “Miriam is not alone.” During her arrival, Germán Brito appeared visibly concerned when discussing the death threat against her son.

In her statements to the press, Germán Brito mentioned, “What affected me was someone who sent me something on WhatsApp saying that if they touched his people in jail, it would be resolved with blood, saying that they could kill my son.” Despite the challenging circumstances, Germán Brito has maintained her dignity and has been handling the situation.

The groups involved in the support campaign, known as “Fuerzas Solidarias,” have expressed their commitment to continuing these activities until the official is out of danger. Germán Brito’s safety remains a concern, and it is expected that the authorities will take necessary measures to protect her and her family’s well-being.

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Paul Tierney
June 16, 2023 10:15 am

It is terrible she has to hide because of doing her job.

Yeni Berenice Reynoso, the other prosecutorial fire eater, needs to watch her back too.