Local June 20, 2023 | 11:43 am

Luis Abinader issues decree that transfers the Pantheon of the Homeland to the Ministry of Culture

Santo Domingo.- President Luis Abinader has issued Decree 214-23, stating that the Panteón de la Patria, a mausoleum housing the remains of significant figures in Dominican history, will now fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Culture.

The Panteón de la Patria, located in the Colonial City, pays tribute to numerous distinguished Dominicans, including independence fighters, restoration heroes, martyrs, presidents, writers, poets, musicians, and educators.

This decree repeals Decree 1001 of 1964, which previously placed the Pantheon under the authority of the Secretary of State for the Interior and Police (now the Ministry of the Interior and Police).

Gamal Michelén, the Vice Minister of Cultural Heritage, stated that this decision grants the Ministry of Culture the freedom to make decisions that will contribute to the promotion, protection, and preservation of this important national cultural heritage.

Michelén further mentioned that the ministry will soon establish a work schedule to assess the needs of the monument and take appropriate actions accordingly.

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Paul Tierney
June 20, 2023 11:53 am

Seems strange there is no image to accompany this article. Let’s hope this change of custody improves the image of the location.