Local July 6, 2023 | 10:46 am

National Reforestation Plan impacts the entire country, says Environment

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources is successfully executing the National Reforestation and Restoration Plan for 2023-2024, with the active participation of 54 public and private entities. Together, they have planted a remarkable 93,625 trees across the country.

During the initial month of implementation, the plan focused on reforesting and restoring hills, roads, forests, and mangroves throughout the nation. Various tree species, including cedar, carob, pigeon heart, penda, roblillo, western and Caribbean pine, mara, cabirma, mangrove, flamboyán, and savanna layer, have been utilized. Additionally, fruit trees such as cashews, almonds, beach grapes, sapote, and soursop have been planted.

José Elías González, the Vice Minister of Forest Resources, expressed gratitude for the enthusiastic response from public institutions, businesses, and civil society to the plan. He acknowledged their active participation in the conferences and affirmed that, by embracing President Luis Abinader’s call to make the project their own, significant progress is being made, with visible results expected in due course.

González encouraged individuals, families, and friends who wish to participate to contact the Vice Ministry of Forest Resources at the Ministry of Environment and schedule a planting appointment by calling (809) 567-4300 extensions 6180, 7181, and 7182.

Elías Figuereo, the Director of Reforestation at the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, commended the positive reception of the reforestation and forest restoration plan, which was launched a month ago. He assured the availability of seedlings in institutional nurseries to provide a new opportunity for areas affected by fires, whether natural or man-made, as well as those damaged by irresponsible actions. The ultimate aim is to create a new wooded landscape for the country.

Figuereo emphasized that the plan encompasses 350,000 forest tasks identified for positive impact within the National Reforestation and Restoration Plan. He encouraged the public to join this noble endeavor.

To date, 54 ministries, general directorates, decentralized entities, social clubs, and even individuals in correctional facilities have participated in the plan. Scheduled planting appointments for various groups have already been made for the months of October, November, and December, further contributing to the plan’s success.

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Deivy Campusano
July 6, 2023 1:34 pm

Great initiative, just make sure it’s not in vain. The government needs to ensure that the authorities do their job in protecting our natural resources and detaining illegal Haitian migrants from chopping down our forests.

Last edited 10 months ago by Deivy Campusano
July 6, 2023 11:38 pm

we’re plating Haitians are chopping them down …? ? ?

Paul Tierney
July 7, 2023 9:55 am

It should be a law, if not already, legal harvesters should replant trees or vegetation they remove from the landscape. Illegal harvesters, if caught, should at minimum should be fined with an additional judgement of replanting at their cost what they removed. If they cannot do it… jail time!