Local July 7, 2023 | 10:19 am

Progressive National Force calls for national unity in defense of democracy in the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- The National Progressive Force (FNP) party in the Dominican Republic has called for national unity beyond political parties and ideologies to protect the country’s democracy and integrity.

On the occasion of its 43rd anniversary, the FNP laid a floral tribute at the Altar de la Patria and urged the creation of a national movement to address the “crisis of vulnerability” that the country is currently facing. This includes concerns related to the neighboring nation of Haiti, such as international conflicts, organized crime, drug trafficking, violence, erosion of values, breakdown of families, and corruption, which the party believes have expanded in the country.

The leader of the FNP, Pelegrín Castillo Semán, stated, “There are many people in the country who are worried and alarmed. We are calling not only for concern but for action. This movement needs to be generated to bring about significant change in the country’s affairs. This country cannot continue to be managed as if it were a farm with a passport.”

Castillo Semán criticized the political landscape, highlighting that parties are too focused on political competition and neglecting the important issues facing the nation. He emphasized the need for unity and called for the organization of a movement comprising Dominicans who are not solely engaged in electoral politics.

Furthermore, he expressed concerns about the lack of consistency among political leaders regarding the Haitian crisis, suggesting that international organizations may be manipulating the situation to potentially affect the Dominican Republic. He emphasized that the solution to this crisis lies not with a government, party, or president but with a united people.

The FNP’s call for national unity seeks to address pressing challenges and create a platform for a united front in defending the Dominican Republic’s democracy and integrity.

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