Local July 10, 2023 | 4:47 pm

Ismael Reyes: “the organization of Haitians in the Dominican Republic should concern us”

Santo Domingo.- Ismael Reyes, the President of the Institutional Democratic Party (PDI), has expressed concern about the recent failed attempt to organize a march by Haitians in the Dominican Republic. He believes that this incident highlights the growing presence and influence of Haitians in the country.

Reyes stated that the march was a “test balloon” to gauge the level of permissiveness among Dominicans regarding the defense of sovereignty and the relinquishment of rights and territory to those who do not possess them. He emphasized that an act of illegality cannot generate legality.

He further claimed that these attempts are organized clandestinely and often synchronized with international organizations. They make seemingly legitimate claims publicly, and if successful, it may lead to further demands for spaces and budgets in the Dominican Republic. Reyes believes that this trend should be a cause for concern.

Reyes criticized the lukewarm response from the government regarding this issue and stated that they should have immediately prohibited the march. He argued that there should be no middle ground in such situations and that the full force of the constitution should be applied, as it explicitly prohibits such actions.

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July 10, 2023 4:58 pm

Urge la deportacion de todos los invasores haitianos en R.D.

Paul Tierney
July 11, 2023 4:42 pm

If the Haitians cannot organize in the RD, who can speak for them? They want a voice to let Dominicans and the world know of the hell in Haiti. They want their country out of the hands of the gangs and mafias. They want to live there in peace. They want their country back.

July 12, 2023 1:43 am
Reply to  Paul Tierney

I think everyone is aware of what’s going on in haiti,, the average human being cant pass a budget to for example give all the billions they’ve given Ukraine 100billion etc to haiti ….there have been more deaths in Haiti by gun fire than the war in Ukraine its not in the best interest of the US to see a healthy haiti, JUST IMAGINE A HEALTHY haitan government picture that it would bother alot of people .Alot of Haitians hate Americans *white Americans ex colonizers. Russians, Venezuela, China, have a heavy presence here , the oil tankers feeding alot of these Haitian hospitals are coming from russia/Venezuela ,the g9 Is allowing the flow … while the us is fighting to block the oil tankers from supplying oil to the hospitals, homes etc cheap oil from Russia and Venezuela can help them alot but it can also disturb alot of business here on the western hemisphere, and I bet that isn’t the only reason why they are fighting it out here isee a war developing here is in the best interest of the Dominican Republic to build a wall for protection and reinforce it with a heavy military presence with the world coming to alot of chaos and instability this problem is going to explode with a full fledged war. Instead of recovery SMH all this can change Ina instant NO MORE FIGHTING LETS REBUILD THE PLACE ….. nope let’s burn it down… our world is wicked.. I don’t get it