Local July 13, 2023 | 1:45 pm

SDO Mayoralty pre-candidate says he will turn Playa Manresa into a tourist destination

Santo Domingo.- Aquilino Serrata (Son), the deputy and candidate for Mayor of the Santo Domingo Oeste (SDO) municipality from the People’s Force, has pledged to transform Manresa Beach into a thriving recreational space and a significant tourist attraction in the Dominican Republic.

Accompanied by members of the Kilometer 13 Community Activist Group (AC13), led by alderman candidate Gabriel Parra, Serrata organized a cleanup day named “I clean the house of Cacú” with dozens of enthusiastic young people.

Serrata expressed his concern about the decline of Manresa Beach, which was once a popular destination for families seeking relaxation and enjoyment. He emphasized that revitalizing the beach and restoring its beauty, cleanliness, and appeal would be a priority for his administration, working in collaboration with community leaders and businesses.

He further emphasized that Santo Domingo Oeste would experience a renaissance, with cleanliness, organization, and improvement of neighborhoods and communities serving as fundamental aspects of his management. Serrata specifically highlighted the immense potential of Manresa Beach to become one of the country’s premier tourist destinations.

During the cleanup event, a total of 236 bags filled with various types of garbage were collected. To ensure the beach’s long-term upkeep, Serrata and Gabriel Parra, the foundation’s president and mayoral candidate, announced their intention to conduct similar community activities on a monthly basis, encouraging both the local community and visitors to keep the beach clean and beautiful.

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