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Brugal takes a new step towards becoming the number one ultra premium rum in the world

Casa Brugal presented the investment project of its new aging complex to President Luis Abinader and his government officials, who visited the site where four aging cellars with a capacity of 20,000 barrels each and an operations building are being built in the first stage.

Puerto Plata, DR.- Dominican Republic – President Luis Abinader visited the site where Casa Brugal is building its new aging complex and unique facilities in the industry that will support his ambition to make Brugal the number one ultra-premium rum in the world.

On an 80,000 square meter site located in the municipality of Villa Montellano, Puerto Plata, four aging cellars will be built, with a capacity of 20,000 barrels each, and an operations building, where the alcohol reception, filling, and emptying of barrels, as well as the dispatch of aged products will take place.

Augusto Ramírez, president of Casa Brugal, emphasized that the investment is possible thanks to the confidence of the company and its shareholders in the Dominican Republic in its stability and the level of legality that the alcoholic beverage market has reached in the country.

“We are very proud of Brugal, its quality, and its position in the world, and we want to continue developing the country’s rum industry. As a government, we will continue strengthening stability and legal security and advancing in the fight against illegality,” said President Luis Abinader.

For his part, Ramírez said that having a stable and secure market of origin will be fundamental for a brand that has set out to conquer the world of luxury and the most demanding consumers. “We are on our way to becoming the number one ultra-premium rum in the world. That will be our greatest gesture of gratitude to the country that believed in Brugal and chose it as a sign of its identity,” he said.

The president of Casa Brugal emphasized that although the new facilities are a significant milestone in the company’s history, they are also an important milestone for the Dominican Republic, which will have a valuable leading global brand. “That is a pending matter in our country, to create brands of great value, which demonstrate the quality and authenticity that we are capable of achieving,” he added.

About the project

This new aging complex will put Casa Brugal on the map of distillate producers with the most modern aging facilities globally. For this project, the company was advised by leading architectural design and liquid operations process firms, such as Luckett & Farley and Allen Associates, allowing it to incorporate best practices and state-of-the-art technologies.

Dominican companies Hageco and Garcia-Goico also play an essential role in the project. Hageco, as the main contractor, was in charge of the execution of the civil works, while García-Goico was in charge of adapting the architectural and engineering design master plan to ensure compliance with Dominican regulations.

The new facility will comply with all local and international standards applicable to the industry, with particular attention to sustainability, safety, and quality. The unique aging complex will be certified under the primary ISO standards related to these issues and the LEED standard for energy and economic efficiency to ensure the project is environmentally friendly from design and construction.

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