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Abinader highlights government has prioritized social investment in the last three years

President inaugurates Hospital in Verón and two sports centers, one in Higüey and the other in Hato Mayor.
President Luis Abinader said this Saturday that his government has prioritized social investment in these three years to provide health insurance to every Dominican, doubling social assistance, building, refurbishing, and expanding public hospitals.

The President’s statements were made during the inauguration of the Veron Municipal Hospital with an investment of more than RD$965 million.

This work, which began at the end of 2019 and had been paralyzed, was 80% executed by the Ministry of Housing and Buildings (MIVED) in less than three years.

“In the government that I have presided over these three years, we have focused on increasing social spending. Social spending by doubling social assistance, bringing health insurance to every Dominican man and woman, also investing in health in two ways, through the renovation and expansion of hospitals, which is done directly by the National Health Service, or with the construction of new hospitals, which in this case is done by the Ministry of Housing and Buildings”, explained the President.

Continuity of State works
He also emphasized that throughout the government, they have also been characterized by following up on the projects initiated by other administrations, “because this is about giving continuity to the State, we have initiated new hospital construction projects but also and mainly we have continued because this is done with the people’s money, not with the money of a government of a president, but with the money of the people,” said President Abinader.

The President asked the founder of the Punta Cana Group and the President of the Punta Cana Foundation, Frank Rafael Rainieri, for help creating a volunteer group to provide follow-up and support to the inaugurated facilities.

Abinader said that in 15 days, he will send a team from the National Commission of Volunteers to appoint a team to follow up on the Hospital’s facilities from the moment they are put into operation.

Quality facilities and fully equipped
The Minister of Housing, Carlos Bonilla, said that the province’s inhabitants are receiving a hospital with quality facilities and fully equipped.

He also stated that in 3 years, they have delivered ten primary care centers and six hospitals and continue to work tirelessly to build a better future for all Dominicans.

The center was built on 3,105 square meters and had 28 hospital beds, adding to the more than 500 delivered under the mandate of President Abinader and Minister Bonilla at the head of the MIVED.

Transforming the health of Dominicans
While the executive director of the National Health Service (SNS), Mario Lama, said that with the delivery of this Hospital, continuity is being given to the project of transforming the health of Dominicans.

“That is why not one or two weeks go by where a new service unit is built or refurbished, since the SNS more than 30 hospitals have been delivered, more than 2, 000 million pesos invested in equipment distributed in some 150 hospitals, likewise more than 500 Primary Care units incorporated, refurbished and equipped,” said the director of the SNS.

This Hospital has an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), surgical unit, maternity, laboratory, and integral health unit, as well as areas of vaccination, internal medicine, gynecology, dentistry, pediatrics, cardiology, emergency, imaging, pharmacy, general services, immunizations, tuberculosis, and pathological anatomy.

Delivery of two sports centers in Higüey and another in Hato Mayor
Later, the governor inaugurated the refurbishment of the Luciola Pión sports centers in Higüey and Hato Mayor the Héctor Monegro “El Vikingo” with an investment of RD$58,500,000.

More support for sports in Higüey
At the inaugural ceremony, the Minister of Sports, Francisco Camacho, indicated that the investment for the work was 5.5 million pesos, which had been completely abandoned for 39 years and will benefit hundreds of young people in the municipality.

“In this facility that had been abandoned for 39 years, Mr. President, no one cared or worried about these young people and athletes being in real conditions to come to play sports in this sports center,” said Camacho.

The volleyball coach and physical education teacher, Anyely Moni Martínez, spoke on behalf of the athletes, who valued the President’s support for sports and presented President Abinader with a t-shirt.

A new sports center in Hato Mayor
The President then went to the province of Hato Mayor, where he handed over the refurbished Hector Monegro “El Vikingo” Sports Center with an investment of RD$53 million.

The President of the Presidential Commission for the Support of Provincial Development (CPADP), Ángel De la Cruz, said this work will benefit more than 10 thousand young people and children in the province.

He emphasized President Abinader’s interest in putting at the service the community’s mechanisms for growth, recreation, and entertainment.

The head of the CPADP said that the arts that adorn the infrastructure were revived, and a mural was made in honor of the most emblematic figure of the sport of this province, “Hector Monegro – The Viking.”

President Abinader was accompanied by the Vice Ministers of Administration of the Presidency, Igor Rodríguez and Public Works, Luis Germán Bastardo; the Governor, Martina Pepin; Senator Virgilio Cedano; the Mayor of Higüey, Rafael Barón Duluc (Cholitin); the CEO of the Punta Cana Group, Frank Elías Rainieri; the founder of the Punta Cana Group and President of the Punta Cana Foundation, Frank Rafael Rainieri Marranzini.

Also, the directors of the Port Authority, Jean Luis Rodríguez; of INFOTEP, Rafael Santos Badía; the President of the Board of Directors of the Port Authority, Frank Alejandro Campos Álvarez; the general manager of Fiduciaria Banreservas, Andrés Vander Horst; the deputies, Francisco Antonio Solimán; Francisco Rodolfo Villegas; Karina Aristy and Manuel De León.

Present in Hato Mayor were Governor Julia Mery Vasquez; Senator Cristóbal Castillo; the Bishop of the Diocese of San Pedro de Macorís, Monsignor Santiago Rodríguez; Budget Director José Rijo Presbot; Mayor Amado de la Cruz and former basketball player Héctor Moreno “El Vikingo.”

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