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Abinader promises more Infotep centers to train more young people

The President assures that there were only seven centers when he arrived, and currently, there are 36 throughout the country.

Monseñor Nouel. – President Luis Abinader affirmed this Saturday that technical education is advancing in his administration after indicating that from seven Technical Professional Training Centers (Infotep) found, there are currently 36 throughout the country.

The governor made these pronouncements while simultaneously inaugurating two new Infotep Community Technical Centers in Sabana del Puerto and Maimon.

“It has been said for a long time that one of the weaknesses that the Dominican Republic has is the issue of technical education that leads us to employability, gentlemen there can no longer be complaints, from seven Infotep centers that we found, today there are 36,” explained Abinader.

He added that there was not a single center in this province, and now there are three.

“We have a very large one in Monseñor Nouel which has almost a thousand students, and the one we inaugurated today here in Maimón and in Jayaco in proportion to these communities.”

The President took the opportunity to invite the young people to be trained in these technical courses, affirming that it is the most expeditious way to get a higher quality job.

He added that by the end of the year, between 4 and 5 more INFOTEP centers will be inaugurated, as well as high schools, schools, and daycare centers, bringing better education, better health, and more employment.

For his part, the general director of INFOTEP, Rafael Santos Badía, said that “these new training spaces will help to respond to the training demands of human talent needed by companies, industries, businesses and trades.”

Training available

The Sabana del Puerto center, located at Km 14 of the Duarte Highway, will offer computer workshops, sales, secretarial work, bank cashier, accounting, sewing, decoration, languages, lingerie, entrepreneurship, community tourism, and customer service.

In addition to these, the Maimon Center will also offer welding and plumbing. All programs will be available in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Inauguration of a high school in Bonao

Later, the President inaugurated Professor Bolivar Abreu Reynoso High School in Bonao, with eight classrooms and a capacity for 280 students.

According to the Minister of Education, Angel Hernandez, eight educational centers will be inaugurated this weekend in different parts of the country with an investment of RD$776 million.

Meanwhile, by the end of September, 42 new centers will be inaugurated so that every child in the country will have a quality educational opportunity.

The Liceo Profesor Bolívar Abreu Reynoso has recreational courts, a dining room, a library, science and computer laboratories, a teachers’ lounge, and other areas.

Hernandez said that it will contribute to the development of this small community and that the computer lab can be used immediately to train high school graduates in computer science and commerce.

This disposition responds to the request of the student Scarlet Cruz Moronta to convert the center into a polytechnic, considering that this will prepare them to be proper young people in the labor aspect.

He also announced that the community can use the multipurpose room and courts in the evenings and weekends.

New high school and school in La Vega

Later, in La Vega, the governor, reaffirming his commitment to the integral education of Dominican students, inaugurated the Federico García Godoy High School with 18 classrooms and the San Francisco de Sales school to benefit more than 600 students.

In his opening remarks, the Vice-Minister of Educational Planning and Development, Rolando Reyes, informed that with the beginning of the school year next Monday, for the first time, students will be trained with the skills and competencies to mitigate the effects of climatic phenomena affecting the country.

The facilities include a dining room, sports field and laboratories.

Present at the ceremony were the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza; the Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz; the Vice Minister of the Presidency, Juan Holguín; the Governor of Monseñor Nouel, Adela Tejada; Senator Héctor Acosta; the Director of Passport, Digna Reynoso; Congressmen Orlando Martínez and Nolberto Ortiz and the Mayor of Bonao, Eberto Núñez.

Also present were the governor of La Vega, Luisa Jiménez; senator Rogelio Genao; and mayor, Kelvin Cruz, among others.

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