Local September 1, 2023 | 8:06 am

Environment reports that it is investigating a barge fuel spill in Azua

Santo Domingo.-,A technical team from the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources conducted an inspection of a barge owned by the Karpowership company operating in Puerto Viejo de Azua. The inspection was prompted by a complaint about a fuel spill. The ministry received the complaint and was also notified by the company about the spill.

According to José Ramón Reyes López, Vice Minister of Coastal and Marine Affairs, the company informed them that the spill occurred due to a failure in a sludge hose. The flow was stopped shortly after the incident and the volume released was reportedly minimal. The ministry’s technicians visited the site to assess the situation, taking images and videos to determine if there was any damage to local biodiversity.

The inspection aimed to evaluate the extent of the spill’s impact and determine the appropriate actions that the ministry should take in response to the incident.

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Paul Tierney
September 1, 2023 10:18 am

You have to wonder. This barge has been the target of environmentalists concerned about its impact on Puerto Viejo. This release of fuel gives energy to the environmentalist cause. Was there a hose failure or a sabotage?

September 1, 2023 5:45 pm

Explosion , now this …negligence ,negligence ….