Health September 9, 2023 | 7:51 am

National District and Santo Domingo province with the highest population with dengue fever

The emergency and consultation areas of the leading pediatric hospitals of Santo Domingo, such as the Robert Reid Cabral and Santo Socorro in Cristo Rey, in the National District, as well as the Hugo Mendoza in Santo Domingo North, were yesterday full of children with fever, headache, vomiting, and diarrhea.

At the national level, the health system reports more than 303 suspected cases of dengue fever. Still, most of them are concentrated in the National District and Santo Domingo province, mainly in Santo Domingo Norte, where the authorities are redoubling awareness campaigns to families to eliminate mosquito breeding sites that produce the disease.

The director of Area III of Health reported that so far this year in Santo Domingo North, there have been 700 cases of dengue fever.

Dr. Mabel Jones, director of the Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital, reported that four patients have died from the disease. At the same time, seven are being investigated while specifying minimal suspected cases in the country’s interior.

He explained that yesterday, three cases were reported in the Valdesia region, one in the Jacinto Mañón hospital, 11 in the Arturo Grullón hospital, 4 in the San Vicente de Paúl hospital in San Francisco de Macorís, 2 cases in Samaná. Mothers of the children explain that they go to the centers after their children present febrile symptoms for more than three days, after suspecting that they could be affected by dengue fever.

Jenny Mojica, from San Cristobal, went to the Robert Reid Cabral hospital with her 10-year-old daughter yesterday because she had been suffering from a fever for six days.

Another, who is only identified as Banelia, is also waiting for attention from San Cristobal’s pediatric center with her four-month-old baby girl, who has been suffering from fever and vomiting for three days.

María Guerrero came to the Robert Reid Pediatric Center from Baní because her son has been feverish since last Tuesday. Walkiris Sanchez was waiting for her turn with two children at the Santo Socorro Children’s Hospital in Cristo Rey, from La Javilla, Villa Mella, Santo Domingo Norte, because they have had a fever and headache for the last three days.

Victoria Zabala arrived at Santo Socorro from La Mina de Los Guaricanos because her daughter had suffered from high fever for several days. She chose not to go to the Hugo Mendoza hospital, within the Ney Arias complex, because this center is full of patients.

At Hugo Mendoza, it was impossible to enter the consultation and emergency areas due to heavy restrictions for journalists. However, from outside, the emergency room was observed to be full of patients waiting to be attended. At San Lorenzo de Los Mina hospital, no cases were reported.

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