Local September 18, 2023 | 10:49 am

Soto Jiménez: Haiti does not represent a military danger for the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- Former head of the Armed Forces, José Miguel Soto Jiménez, has expressed that Haiti does not pose a military threat to the Dominican Republic due to the political instability within Haiti itself. He believes that Haiti’s current lack of control over its own territory makes it difficult for the country to organize a military expedition against the Dominican Republic.

Soto Jiménez emphasized that the solution to the crisis resulting in the total closure of the border with Haiti should be pursued through diplomatic means, though he did not rule out the possibility of military intervention in Haiti as one of the potential approaches. He explained that such measures align with military doctrine at the strategic level, especially when dealing with a neighboring country.

Furthermore, Soto Jiménez pointed out that President Luis Abinader’s actions in the conflict with Haiti have a significant political dimension and may serve to divert attention away from other pressing issues in the country. He urged people to remain aware of multiple challenges the nation faces, not just those related to the Haitian border situation.

Soto Jiménez also noted that one of the promises President Abinader has fulfilled is the closure of the border with Haiti, emphasizing that there is no set end date for this closure and it will depend on Haiti’s actions regarding the construction of the canal over the Masacre River.

This perspective was shared during an interview on the program “Despierta con CDN,” hosted by Katherine Hernández, Héctor Marte, Julissa Céspedes, and Nelson Rodríguez.

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September 18, 2023 11:55 am

All this is startlingly obvious. There is no threat from Haiti. If anything, Haiti should be concerned about the large military build up by the DR along the border.

luis pena
September 18, 2023 2:22 pm

I beg to differ, the hatian population in dr is mostly male and young. is a fifth collum and should be monitored as such.

September 19, 2023 1:05 am

sling shots are currently being distributed by Barbecue …?

Deivy Campusano
September 19, 2023 3:08 pm

Although this is true, I would highly encourage the government to be proactive and conduct large-scale deportations of undocumented Haitians in the DR. They could pose a threat and should be monitored closely, some of them could possibly be affiliated with criminal gangs in Haiti.

Last edited 7 months ago by Deivy Campusano