Local September 24, 2023 | 8:00 am

Abel proposes commission to manage border crisis; asks Abinader to step back from the subject

The request to Abinader is “to avoid electoral contamination.”
The presidential candidate of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Abel Martinez, proposed the creation of a commission of experts, jurists, and representative sectors of Dominican society to manage the situation created on the border by the diversion of the Masacre River.

The opposition leader asked that the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, step aside from the issue to avoid electoral contamination.

“We say that the President can step aside, because he, is not only the President of the Republic, but a presidential candidate and is in an electoral campaign; the Haitian issue needs all of our focus, as a country,” he stated.

The commission proposed by Abel Martinez would be designated by decree; he suggests that it be chaired by the Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña; the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Alvarez, and the former Dominican ambassador to Haiti, Alberto Despradel (Chico), an expert in Haitian affairs.

Likewise, the former President of the Supreme Court of Justice, Jorge Subero Issa; the President of the Episcopate, Monsignor Héctor Rafael Rodríguez and Pastor Feliciano Lacen, President of the Dominican Council of Evangelical Unity (Codue).

Abel Martínez spoke when approached by journalists from various national and local media before the proclamation in Yaguate, San Cristóbal, of the current mayor, Rosa Peña, as PLD candidate for the same position.

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September 24, 2023 8:27 am

This guy has his head stuck up his a**…even an idiot makes more sense…

Paul Tierney
September 24, 2023 10:07 am


President Abinader as the head of the nation has the responsibility to attend to the “border crisis” as he sees fit. Abel is politicking, his wish, hoping the President to step aside would create an opening for his PLD party to jump all over the President’s action of side stepping during the “crisis”. Can you hear Abel saying, “look people, the President did nothing, the PLD would have solved the crisis”?

Abel should be suggesting lucid ideas to end the “crisis” to his PLD party and the Congress, not carping at the President.


Last edited 8 months ago by Paul Tierney
September 24, 2023 12:32 pm

The old saying is “If you don’t want to do anything….form a committee”. This politician is hoping to turn President Abinader’s resolve into useless arguments in the committee which accomplish nothing. Instead of working for the people, he wants to put himself in power. Beware of him.