Local September 26, 2023 | 10:58 am

Ex-President Hipolito Mejia affirms that our first priority is to defend our nationality

Santo Domingo.- Former President Hipólito Mejía has voiced his full and unwavering support for the measures taken by President Luís Abinader in response to the ongoing crisis between both nations concerning the construction of the Masacre River canal by Haitian authorities.

Mejía emphasized his strong endorsement of President Abinader’s decision, describing it as the correct response to an agreement that has long needed to address the realities of countries sharing a border.

He further stressed the importance of diplomatic dialogue, concord, and harmony between the two nations. However, he cautioned against accepting any form of blackmail, whether from Dominican politicians or politicians from Haiti.

The former president highlighted that the primary priority is to defend Dominican nationality, and this has been successfully accomplished. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of protecting water resources, particularly the water originating in Loma de Cabrera and reaching the Manzanillo wetlands.

These statements were made by former President Mejía during his participation in the Forum titled “Current Situation and Future Challenges of Water Resources” at the José Francisco Peña Gómez Political Institute.

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