Local September 26, 2023 | 3:32 pm

The measures would be made more flexible, but the border will not be the same

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican authorities are responding to the construction of a diversion canal by Haiti on the Masacre River by rehabilitating the La Vigía canal, which has been abandoned for 15 years. This move is aimed at saving the flow of the river from the diversion being built by Haiti, which has caused tensions between both countries.

Once the La Vigía canal is enabled, which is projected to happen within one or two weeks, President Luis Abinader stated that the government could consider making some measures on the border more flexible. He emphasized that the Dominican border will never be the same due to the situations arising from this crisis.

The Dominican Republic had closed its border by air, sea, and land in response to the construction of the Haitian canal, with the promise to lift the closure when the canal construction stops. However, the Haitian authorities have since supported the project and claimed their right to use the water from the Masacre River.

In response, the Dominican Government is rehabilitating the La Vigía canal to ensure a water supply for local producers and prevent adverse effects on the ecosystem of the Saladillo lagoon.

The La Vigía canal, built in 1966 with Haiti’s approval, was closed in 2007. The rehabilitation includes adapting the infrastructure and using pumps to transfer water from the Masacre River to the canal. This project aims to secure water supply for Dominican producers, even if the Haitian canal is completed.

President Abinader expressed a desire for dialogue with Haitian authorities while emphasizing the importance of national sovereignty. He is open to dialogue and international mediation to resolve the conflict and ensure an equitable distribution of water, in accordance with the 1929 treaty between both countries.

Abinader also highlighted the Dominican Republic’s cooperation with Haiti in closing the border with Elías Piña to counter a criminal gang’s activities, despite the impact on Dominican merchants and transporters.

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September 26, 2023 8:25 pm

Why in the world was the La Vigía canal ever closed in the first place…putting it in operation and the construction of the Don Miguel dam will go a long way in diffusing the tense situation…

Analyzing BS
September 27, 2023 5:44 am

Ok… So WHAT on earth is the problem on ONE island that shares a river??? The DR is so well developed compared to Haiti. Yet Dominicans /poor/ relying on the cross border trade. DR is losing more by being closed than Haitians.
The reason is that the USA creates gang violence, sends weapons to Haiti to fuel gangs, and orders when and where to make trouble. The geological layout of this systematic abuse to empty the affected areas began a while ago. Why? If the gangs can drive out Haitians from the areas where the USA is planning the operations, it means MUCH less expenses because they don’t have to pay Haitians to relocate from where they live now. The Haitian so-called “government” is just a joke, and does not care about their citizens. Abinader is on the other side of this problem, playing the game of the USA. Haiti is doomed because of its resources. The gang-controlled areas are EXACTLY where these resources are. Started the operation by killing the then-president in his own house…. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This situation will not end well for Haitians. I had to leave Haiti /foreigner here/white/, because of the increased insecurity in the country. Yet, the so-called Haitian elite /as they call themselves/ only help this situation and are behind the kidnappings and so on. Explain to me this: A12-year-old child with a totally broken flipflop is holding a $5000 USD assault rifle /new/ with a bag of ammo… Sure it’s not from the Red Cross. And the island of Hispaniola was divided by two idiots, and having a really nasty history of this very river, NOW it is somehow a problem for this rich country, the Dominican Republic, that Haitians also would like to use the river that belongs to both nations. The situation is sickening and today’s politics are equally disgusting globally. People reading the news, I will be blasted by Dominicans for this post, haters will hate, and good people have no power. Good luck to us all…

September 27, 2023 8:33 am
Reply to  Analyzing BS

Can’t argue with much of what your saying…