Local September 29, 2023 | 8:34 am

Manzanillo without agriculture due to interventions in the Masacre River

Dajabon.- The situation in Manzanillo, Monte Cristi province, where agriculture is virtually non-existent due to the depletion of water from the Dajabón or Masacre River, is a concerning issue. Helvio Bejarán, a member of the Association of Livestock and Farmers of Manzanillo, has explained that both the diversion of water on the Haitian side through Juana Méndez and the Vigía canal in Dajabón have severely impacted the river.

The river is currently “practically dead,” and water theft from both the Haitian and Dominican canals could lead to a situation where the river contains saltwater rather than freshwater. This is a result of saline waters from the Atlantic penetrating the river due to its decreased flow.

Additionally, the border wall has blocked access to water from the river for security reasons, further exacerbating the issue. To restore the river’s flow and potentially revive agriculture in the area, reforestation efforts are needed. The situation affects around 70 agricultural producers in the region.

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