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Scams are growing through vehicle sales in the Dominican Republic

photo from pexels.com

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Republic has seen an increase in complaints related to misleading sales of vehicles, with individuals falling victim to scams involving the purchase of cars. These scams often involve informal dealers who use various tactics to defraud buyers.

Some common tactics include:

False Documentation: Scammers may provide buyers with false documentation for vehicles that don’t exist or aren’t in the country. Victims believe they are purchasing a car, but the promised vehicle never arrives.

Reporting Stolen Vehicles: Criminal associations may report vehicles as stolen and then immediately sell them to unsuspecting buyers. This allows scammers to profit from the sale of stolen cars.

Attractive Offers: Scammers use social networks and online platforms to advertise attractive offers that lure potential victims. Low prices and appealing deals entice buyers.

Deposit Scams: Victims are often asked to pay a significant deposit (typically 50% of the vehicle’s price) before receiving the car. After making the payment, they never received the promised vehicle.

Some companies reported as scammers in the Dominican Republic include Ibu Auto, Kelyx Auto Import, Lichabriel Rent Car (now Luxury), and Aliados Auto Import.

Victims have filed complaints against these dealers and their owners for alleged fraud. In many cases, authorities issue arrest warrants against those responsible for the scams.

To avoid falling victim to such scams, individuals should exercise caution when dealing with informal car dealers and thoroughly research any seller or company before purchasing. It’s advisable to verify the legitimacy of the seller and the vehicle’s documentation. Additionally, buyers should be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true and avoid making large upfront payments without proper guarantees.

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