Local November 8, 2023 | 8:04 am

Director of Traffic Light Company seeks Habeas Corpus amid contract suspension

Santo Domingo.- Pedro Vinicio Padovani Báez, the owner of Transcore Latam SRL, has presented a writ of habeas corpus to protect himself from the potential consequences of the suspension of the contract his company holds with the National Institute of Transit and Land Transportation (Intrant). The contract in question involves the modernization, expansion, supervision, and management of the traffic light network in Greater Santo Domingo, with a value exceeding RD$1,317 million.

While Padovani Báez’s contract was suspended by the General Directorate of Public Contracts (DGCP) due to indications of irregularities, his lawyer, Carlos Balcácer, raised concerns that the disconnection of the Santo Domingo traffic light system, which is part of the contract, could lead to traffic chaos.

At present, more than 60% of the project has been completed, leaving control of the traffic light system in the hands of Padovani Báez’s company. Although the decree suspending the contract did not specify a replacement for the director, Padovani Báez fears possible legal consequences if he complies with the suspension order.

The hearing for the habeas corpus appeal was scheduled for November 8, but it was rescheduled to allow the Prosecutor’s Office of the National District, which is also involved, to review the documents supporting the appeal.

Hugo Beras, the director of Intrant, defended the transparency of the bidding process, stating that the contract was executed since June. He noted that the contract had gone through legal procedures and challenges, and the system was already complete in the National District, with an inauguration date set for November 26.

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