Local November 23, 2023 | 2:45 pm

The number of deaths due to last Saturday’s rains rises to 30

Santo Domingo.- The Emergency Operations Center (COE) in the Dominican Republic has updated the death toll to 30 following the devastating rains that occurred on Saturday, November 18. The list of fatalities includes individuals from various provinces who were tragically swept away by floodwaters or drowned in the sudden rise of water levels in rivers and lagoons.

Among the newly reported fatalities are:

  • Rubí Esmarlin Duarte Fabián, 27, who was swept away by the overflowing Yuna River in Duarte province.
  •  Franyi Quezada Molina, 18, drowned in a lagoon in Blanco Arriba, Tenares, in the Hermanas Mirabal provinces.
  • Domingo de la Rosa Ramírez, 31, swept away by the Yaguate River in San Cristóbal.
  • Rafael Fernández Reyes, 19, also drowned in the La Cueva River in Guayabal, Azua.
  • An unidentified man, presumed to be between 25 and 35 years old, believed to have been swept away by the Haina River in San Cristóbal.

Other victims include Eduardo Cabrera Castillo, Solange María Méndez, Omar Alejandro Méndez, Boniel Dovelie, Awilda Vásquez Burgos, María Nereida Martínez Vásquez, Michael Orozco, and Ramón Antonio Martínez. In the Manoguayabo sector of Santo Domingo Oeste, Domingo Andrés Jiménez, Daritza María Figuereo, and Luis Felipe Luciano died due to a flood in a three-story house. In Villas Colinas, Manoguayabo, the deceased are Emilio Luciano, Carlita Luciano, María del Socorro Luciano, and Luis Enrique Silvestre.

Additional fatalities were reported in other areas, including Anabel Nuñez Jiménez and Ramón Miguel Rijo in La Altagracia province, Daxiani Heredia Pérez in La Zurza sector, Witberson Francois, José Altagracia Gúzman, Ángel Augustino Mañón, the Haitian national Sansale Oguile, and Gregorio Salvador Castillo in San José de Ocoa.

The tragic loss of lives across multiple provinces underscores the severe impact of the natural disaster and highlights the need for effective emergency response and disaster preparedness measures in the Dominican Republic.

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November 23, 2023 3:33 pm

IT’s corruption plain and simple. Then you wonder why Half is Dr is trying to escape to the USA and Europe. And the Dr is getting invade by illegal and legal Haitians.