Local December 1, 2023 | 5:20 pm

Santo Domingo Este City Council and the company Cana Films announce the creation of a film studio-school

Santo Domingo.- The Santo Domingo Este City Council, in partnership with Cana Films, has announced the initiation of ‘Under The Bridge Productions’, a transformative project that includes constructing a Cinematographic School Studio. This facility aims to foster the skills of young individuals in Santo Domingo Este and across the nation in various cinema-related technical fields. It also focuses on nurturing local and international film production and developing homegrown talent.

Strategically located under the Duarte bridge in the Villa Duarte sector, this film school-studio will be part of a larger cultural hub known as “The Art Walk,” which connects to the “Chencha: Open Space” Cultural Point. The project, backed by a private investment of RD$45,336,337.88, is designed to establish a globally-oriented film industry in Santo Domingo Este, specializing in producing films, documentaries, music videos, and more.

Beyond production, the project’s core objective is to uplift local talent by offering training and development opportunities. This initiative will create a strong foundation of newly trained local professionals in partnership with the Professional Technical Training Institute (INFOTEP).

Mayor Manuel Jiménez, expressing his support, emphasized the municipality’s commitment to promoting initiatives that foster art, culture, and professional growth for the youth. These efforts aim to enhance the quality of life and ensure sustainable professional development.

Nefi Adonis, General Manager of Cana Films, showcased an audiovisual presentation at the project announcement event, illustrating how this initiative will invigorate the national film industry. The project is expected to reduce reliance on foreign productions, stimulate local and external investment, and elevate Dominican culture.

In addition to fostering artistic talent, the project is set to generate quality job opportunities in various areas, including production, directing, acting, editing, design, and music. It will also offer technical training for roles such as electricians, carpenters, makeup artists, and more, contributing significantly to the local creative industry.

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