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Greater Santo Domingo with 3.7 million people

Santo Domingo—The population of Greater Santo Domingo (National District and Santo Domingo province) rose to 3 million 798 thousand 698 people in 2022, which represents 35.2% of the country’s inhabitants, according to the primary report of the X National Population and Housing Census (XCNPV) made by the National Statistics Office (ONE).

The province of Santo Domingo has 2 million 769 thousand 588 inhabitants, and the National District 1 million 029 thousand 110. The National District has 48 thousand 264 more women than men, while in the province of Santo Domingo there are 87 thousand 590 more women than men.

The Dominican population totaled 10,771,504 inhabitants in 2022, comprising 5,328,987 men and 5,442,517 women.

The data differs by 11,476 people from the preliminary data released in August, according to which the country had 10,760,028 inhabitants, of which 5,437,095 were women and 5,322,933 men.

Of the seven municipalities of Santo Domingo province, the one with the largest population is Santo Domingo East, with 1,029,117 inhabitants, followed by Santo Domingo North (674,274), Santo Domingo West (410,578), Los Alcarrizos (336,307), Boca Chica (167,040), Pedro Brand (92,973) and San Antonio de Guerra (59,299).

La Altagracia province, which registered the highest population growth since 2010, had 446,060 inhabitants in 2022, of which 415,084 corresponded to Higüey and 30,976 to Rafael de Yuma.

The census was carried out from November 10 to 23, 2022.

Last year, the National District had 418,392 dwellings, of which 363,153 were occupied, 54,613 were unoccupied, and 626 were collective.

The province of Santo Domingo registered 1,105,316 housing units, of which 934,478 were occupied, 170,143 unoccupied, and 695 collectives.

Santiago province had 452,591 housing units in 2022, of which 374,098 were occupied, 75,581 were unoccupied, and 2,912 were collective. The population was 1,074,679 inhabitants.

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