Local December 7, 2023 | 11:43 am

Trajano Vidal Potentini Claims Over RD$300 Million Campaign Against Him

Santo Domingo.- Trajano Vidal Potentini, the newly elected president of the Dominican Republic’s Bar Association (CARD), has alleged a significant campaign, financed with more than 300 million pesos, was deployed against him in the recent elections. Speaking on the TeleMatutino 11 program on Telesistema, Potentini stated that this campaign was aimed at defeating him in the December 2nd elections.

Potentini emphasized the cleanliness of his campaign, asserting that there were no instances of monetary corruption or inappropriate dealings. He acknowledged the need for support from political parties due to structural reasons in the electoral process. However, he clarified that the Fuerza del Pueblo party, contrary to some speculations, did not provide financial support; his campaign was independently resourced.

Regarding the conduct of the union elections, Potentini expressed concerns, describing it as an embarrassing situation that potentially undermines the reputation of the legal profession in the country.

From an electoral standpoint, the National Electoral Commission of CARD confirmed Potentini’s victory. Under the supervision of Ydelfonso Brito, president of the commission, Potentini, representing the National Consensus group, secured 11,473 votes, amounting to 48.77% of the total votes counted across 105 polling stations.

This victory, set against a backdrop of Potentini’s allegations, highlights significant challenges and controversies in the electoral processes within professional bodies like CARD.

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