Local December 8, 2023 | 10:25 am

Dominican Republic’s historic sancocho: A near miss for world record

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Republic’s ambitious bid to create the world’s largest sancocho fell short last Saturday, November 25, as reported by the Guinness World Records jury. Despite their monumental effort, the sancocho weighed in at 32,978 pounds, not quite reaching the required minimum of 35,362 pounds for the record.

Organized by the Flavor Fusion Fest, the attempt was a momentous occasion, even if it didn’t break the world record. “We may have missed the target weight by about 2,300 pounds, but our 32,978-pound sancocho has been acknowledged by Guinness, engineers, and health officials as the largest quantity of sancocho ever made,” the organizers stated.

While the primary goal was to set a new world record with a 36,000-pound sancocho, the organizers emphasized the event’s broader achievements. “We aimed to break a record and ended up breaking many more. We set new standards for joy, resilience, and solidarity among Dominicans,” they reflected.

The event, which had been two years in the making, saw the participation of renowned culinary figures. Among them were Pamela Gonell, co-founder of Gonell Enterprise, and María Marte, a celebrated Dominican chef, Ibero-American Ambassador of Culture, and the only Latin American woman to hold two Michelin stars. Sous chef Paula Vargas also played a significant role.

Beyond the attempt for a record, the event had a charitable aspect, with 70% of the sancocho being donated to non-profit organizations. Over 600 volunteers contributed to the festival, showcasing the community’s commitment and spirit.

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