Local December 8, 2023 | 12:04 pm

Pipeline explosion causes sinkhole, disrupts Santiago de los Caballeros

Santiago.- The Bella Vista sector in Santiago de los Caballeros witnessed a significant disruption following the 11th explosion of a pipeline, resulting in a substantial sinkhole on Emilio Prud’homme Street. This incident has notably impacted the area, affecting several residences and a local mechanic’s workshop.

Abraham Núñez, the proprietor of the Abraham mechanic’s shop, expressed his concerns about the recurring issue. Each explosion, he noted, has led to vehicles at his shop being damaged by stones dislodged by the blasts. Despite the repeated impact on his business, Núñez mentioned that he has not received any compensation for these damages.

The consequences of the pipeline explosions extend beyond property damage. José Aridio Núñez highlighted the distressing reality that some families in the area have been forced to abandon their homes due to the recurring incidents. This situation has raised concerns among local residents and business owners, calling for attention and solutions to prevent further disturbances and ensure the safety and stability of the community.

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