Local December 14, 2023 | 6:51 pm

Haitian driver forces border gate open to enable trade at Dajabón market

Dajabon.- In a dramatic turn of events, a Haitian driver has forcefully opened the border gate in Juana Méndez, Haiti, using a vehicle to crash through it. This bold action was taken to prevent Haitian authorities from closing the border, marking the second instance of the border gate being forcibly opened.

Currently, it remains unclear whether Haitian authorities will prohibit their citizens from entering the Dominican Republic or if they will permit participation in the commercial activities scheduled for Friday at the Dajabón border market. In response to this uncertain situation, Cesfront (Specialized Land Border Security Corps) director, Freddy Soto Thormann, has ordered heightened surveillance on the Dominican side of the border bridge to prepare for any potential issues.

Exploiting this opportunity, numerous Haitians have entered the province of Dajabón to purchase food and other goods to bring back to Haiti. The recent actions by the Haitian driver come amid ongoing opposition from Haitian authorities to the reopening of the border and the resumption of binational trade. The conflict stems from the Dominican Government’s restrictions against Haiti due to the construction of a canal intended to divert waters from the Masacre River.

This incident follows a previous episode on November 28, when a group of Haitians, reliant on binational trade, forcibly opened the border gate using a polisher. However, Juana Méndez authorities were able to quickly regain control and re-secure the gate. The recent developments highlight the ongoing tension and the critical importance of the border market for the livelihoods of many in the region.

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