Local December 15, 2023 | 3:07 pm

President Luis Abinader ensures border security amidst Haitian gate collapse incident

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader affirmed the security of the border with Haiti following an incident where a group of Haitians demolished the gate separating Juana Méndez, Haiti, from Dajabón, Dominican Republic. The incident occurred as Haitians attempted to enter Dajabón for the suspended binational market, a result of the Dominican Republic’s response to Haiti’s construction of a canal on the Masacre River.

Addressing the media, President Abinader emphasized the Dominican Government’s efforts to secure the border. He also called for a statement from the Haitian Government regarding the incident, which has heightened tensions in the area.

Despite the partial border opening by Dominican authorities after initial stringent measures, Haitian participation in the crucial binational market remains halted. The Dominican Republic’s initial response included the total closure of borders and suspension of visa issuance to Haitian citizens, following Haiti’s canal construction deemed illegal by the Dominican Government.

The ongoing dispute over the canal, which poses environmental risks to Laguna Saladillo and could affect vast agricultural lands and safety on both sides of the border, has escalated to the Organization of American States (OAS). The OAS, at the request of both nations, has formed a commission to investigate and report on the matter.

This situation reflects the complex and often strained relations between the two countries, highlighting challenges in border management, environmental concerns, and bilateral trade.

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