Local December 18, 2023 | 8:25 am

President Luis Abinader inaugurates new Domingo Savio project to revitalize Ozama river area

Santo Domingo.- President Luis Abinader inaugurated the ambitious New Domingo Savio project, aiming to revitalize the Ozama River’s banks and impact over 43,000 residents of La Ciénaga and Los Guandules. This initiative, spanning 112 acres, is set to transform two densely populated sectors in the National District.

President Abinader expressed his commitment to continuing the project, which was initially at a mere 15-20% completion. He highlighted the project’s role as a national exemplar in transforming vulnerability into security, noting its ecological benefits of converting a polluted river into a cleaner ecosystem. This move is seen as a significant stride towards ecological improvement.

The project also emphasizes public safety, offering protection against cyclones and heavy rains. President Abinader praised the collaborative efforts in the public-private partnership and commended URBE for their impactful work, encouraging them to extend their efforts to other areas.

Community empowerment is a key focus, with the president applauding the community’s progress and rights advocacy. He also acknowledged Mayor Carolina Mejía’s role in unifying various sectors for the project’s success.

Expressing pride in the Dominican people’s efforts, President Abinader stressed the importance of consensus and collaboration for the nation’s progress. The project includes relocating 2,500 families (about 8,800 individuals) from flood-prone areas, significantly enhancing their living conditions.

A notable feature of the New Domingo Savio project is the Paseo del Río avenue, a 4-lane road serving as a barrier against river pollution, marking a significant step towards environmental sustainability.

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