Local December 21, 2023 | 10:27 am

Inauguration of enhanced “Paseo Marítimo Malecón” in Santo Domingo

President Luis Abinader, along with National District Mayor Carolina Mejía and the Reserve Bank, has inaugurated the newly developed “Paseo Marítimo Malecón” in Santo Domingo. This significant urban renewal project, designed to enhance the city’s coastal experience and preserve its marine beauty, marks the completion of its fourth stage with a total investment of 320 million pesos.

Key Features of the Project:

1. Storm Drainage Expansion: To improve stormwater management along George Washington Avenue, the project included 510 meters of pipeline crossings, 20 scupper units, and 3 double collectors.

2. Pedestrian and Safety Improvements: The project features widened sidewalks, accessible pedestrian ramps, and efficient road signage, including a demarcated bicycle lane. Safety measures include 54 security cameras and 4 raised crosswalks with safety accessories.

3. Go-Kart Track: A new addition is a go-kart track developed by the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC), complete with curbs, safety barriers, and landscaping.

4. Lighting and Landscaping: The area is illuminated by 500 smart solar LED lamps and beautified with extensive landscaping, including the planting of 30,000 plants of various species.

5. Recreational Spaces: The project revitalized 6 viewpoints and constructed the Paseo de la Hispaniola and Vista del Mar parks, the latter featuring a children’s play area, picnic spots, perimeter seating, and an amphitheater.

6. Parking Optimization: To accommodate visitors, 4 parking lots have been built, offering a total capacity of 250 vehicles.

7. Street Furniture: Enhancements include new signage, recycled plastic trash cans, and reinforced concrete benches, adding to the overall aesthetics and functionality of the area.

This ambitious project reflects a commitment to improving urban spaces for citizens and visitors, focusing on sustainability, safety, and recreation. The “Paseo Marítimo Malecón” is expected to become a key attraction in Santo Domingo, offering a blend of modern amenities and natural beauty along the city’s coastline.

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