Local December 22, 2023 | 8:08 am

Revitalization of Paseo Marítimo Malecón: a milestone for Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo.- The mayor of the National District, Carolina Mejía, expressed great satisfaction with the inauguration of the Paseo Marítimo Malecón in Santo Domingo, a significant development for the city. During a special program of “El Gobierno de la Mañana” at the Malecón, Mejía described the project as a rebirth for Santo Domingo, offering a unique recreational alternative to the city’s residents.

The 3.5-kilometer stretch, constructed at a cost of around 320 million pesos, provides a range of benefits and activities. Designed to cater to families, sports enthusiasts, and various other activities, the Paseo Marítimo Malecón is a testament to the city’s commitment to enhancing public spaces for leisure and community engagement.

A key feature of the revitalized Malecón is its security system, including surveillance cameras and ample lighting, ensuring a safe environment for visitors. Mejía emphasized the comprehensive planning that went into the project, with the aim of restoring dignity and improving the quality of life for the people of Santo Domingo.

This redevelopment marks a significant step in the transformation of Santo Domingo’s urban landscape, creating a vibrant and attractive destination for both residents and tourists. The Paseo Marítimo Malecón is set to become a symbol of the city’s growth and revitalization, contributing to its cultural and social vibrancy.

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