Local December 27, 2023 | 8:03 am

Elderly man suffers severe injuries in Hato Mayor del Rey explosion

Hato Mayor.- An 83-year-old man, Nelson Martínez, suffered serious injuries following an explosion in his residence at Santana Street #52 in the Puerto Rico neighborhood, Hato Mayor del Rey. The explosion happened as Martínez attempted to light his stove, resulting in significant damage to his body.

Despite efforts by neighbors to reach the National Emergency and Security Assistance System (9-1-1), it was ultimately an ambulance from the San Miguel Funeral Home that rushed Martínez to the Dr. Leopoldo Martínez Hospital. The local firefighters, coordinated by Commander Julito Mejía, acted swiftly to control the flames and prevent further damage to the property.

Martínez sustained first and third-degree burns over more than 80% of his body and was later transferred to a medical facility in Santo Domingo due to the severity of his injuries. The incident, which occurred just after 1:00 p.m. this Tuesday, highlights the need for more efficient emergency response mechanisms in the Hato Mayor del Rey area.

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