Local December 27, 2023 | 4:05 pm

Haitian transporters protest border searches by Dominican authorities

Dajabon.- Haitian transporters are threatening to block the border between Juana Méndez and Dajabón once again, expressing discontent with the rigorous searches conducted by Dominican authorities. These searches aim to prevent the export of prohibited items from the Dominican Republic.

Recently, the Specialized Land Border Security Corps (Cesfront) and Customs officials detained dozens of Haitian cargo vehicles. These vehicles were part of a convoy transporting various goods, including items not permitted for export such as rods, cement, rice, lace, and bananas.

The Dominican government’s measures to restrict the export of certain products are intended to prevent domestic shortages. However, these measures have not been well received by Haitian transporters, who are involved in transporting these types of goods.

During inspections, Dominican authorities have also confiscated motorcycles lacking proper documentation, which are suspected to be stolen and being smuggled across the border.

Haitian truck drivers have expressed concerns over these developments, citing a lack of awareness about the export prohibition measures. Silien Pie, a representative of the transporters, has called for a review of these measures, which are leading to vehicle blockages at the border terminal. This situation underscores the need for clear communication and cooperation between the Dominican and Haitian authorities to address border control issues effectively.

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