Local December 28, 2023 | 3:10 pm

Alfredo Pacheco denies that he is considered by the PRM as a candidate for senator

Santo Domingo.- The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Alfredo Pacheco, refuted claims on Thursday that the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) is considering him as a candidate for senator for the National District, following the party’s decision not to endorse Faride Raful for re-election

Approximately a month ago, Pacheco himself expressed his openness to potential changes in his political aspirations, despite being registered as a candidate for re-election as a deputy for another four-year term.

However, he has now clarified that he has no intentions beyond his current role as President of the Lower House and is fully dedicated to performing his legislative duties effectively. Pacheco emphasized that his candidacy as a deputy has already been officially registered, eliminating the possibility of seeking another elected position.

He further stated his commitment to supporting the PRM’s chosen candidate for the National District’s senatorial position. The party has decided to reserve this position for its members, bypassing primary elections or surveys.

Faride Raful, the incumbent senator for the capital, initially expressed her intention to seek re-election but later withdrew her candidacy due to ongoing PRM strategies.

As the situation remains uncertain, the ruling party has not yet announced its official candidate for the senatorial seat in the National District for the May 2024 elections. According to the Central Electoral Board’s calendar, parties have until March 4 to nominate their official candidates for congressional positions.

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