Local January 9, 2024 | 8:16 am

Dominican community in Spain reflects on progress under President Abinader’s administration

Madrid.- In a significant gathering in Madrid, members of the Dominican Community in Spain, led by the Consul General of the Dominican Republic in Madrid, Miguel Vásquez Peña, convened to discuss and evaluate the advancements made in the Dominican Republic under President Luis Abinader’s leadership.

The meeting, organized by social leader Frank Segura, President of the Hispanic-Dominican Business Association (Foro Do Madrid), drew a diverse and representative group from the Dominican community, encompassing various social, cultural, and political backgrounds.

Achievements Highlighted:

– The consul emphasized the Dominican Republic’s achievements in the health sector, particularly its role as a global leader in distributing the COVID-19 vaccine.
– Celebrated the significant boost in tourism, with more than 10 million visitors in 2023, indicating a thriving sector.
– Acknowledged the government’s efforts to strengthen ties with the diaspora, including the opening of the first Reserve Bank branch in Spain.

Frank Segura praised President Abinader’s effective leadership during critical moments, especially in health and economic challenges, noting the nation’s resilience in times of crisis. He pointed out the transparent management that led to robust economic growth, as seen in increased foreign investment, higher exports, industrial development, and the flourishing of free zones.

The consensus at the meeting suggested a positive outlook for the Dominican Republic’s future, both economically and socially, based on the current trends and progress observed under President Abinader’s administration.

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