Local January 9, 2024 | 1:05 pm

Inauguration of Public Works halted prior to Municipal elections in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- Starting from January 9, a significant restriction comes into effect in the Dominican Republic, impacting the central government and mayoral offices. According to the Organic Law 20-23 of the Electoral Regime, there is a ban on inaugural ceremonies for public works leading up to the municipal elections.

Article 210 of the law, under the chapter on “Propaganda in state public events”, explicitly states that public works inaugurals are prohibited during specific timeframes before elections. For municipal elections, the ban is effective forty (40) days prior, and for presidential and congressional elections, the prohibition starts sixty (60) days beforehand.

The legislation also stipulates that during the electoral campaign period, government advertising, whether national or municipal, must not contain any content that could directly or indirectly influence voting in favor of any candidates.

Violators of these provisions will face sanctions as outlined in the law, and the Central Electoral Board (JCE) is tasked with enforcing these regulations. This move is part of ensuring fair electoral processes by minimizing the potential influence of government projects on voter decisions.

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