Local January 10, 2024 | 12:20 pm

José Ignacio Paliza takes leave from Administrative role to focus on Luis Abinader’s campaign

Santo Domingo.- José Ignacio Paliza, the Administrative Minister of the Presidency of the Republic, announced his decision to take a leave of absence. This move, effective from Wednesday, is aimed at dedicating his full attention to Luis Abinader’s political campaign.

Paliza conveyed his decision through the X network (formerly Twitter), stating, “I have requested leave from the functions I perform at @maprerd to dedicate all my attention to the campaign of my colleague @luisabinader. May triumph find us working!”

This step comes as part of a broader strategy within the Modern Revolutionary Party. The president of the party is also set to take a break from his duties starting January 17, to lead the coordination of Abinader’s presidential campaign. This move signals a significant shift in focus for key party figures as they rally support for Abinader’s campaign efforts.

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