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Gregorio Montero stresses importance of career system for Public Sector efficiency

Santo Domingo.- Gregorio Montero Montero, head of the Vice Ministry and Modernization of the Ministry of Public Administration, emphasizes the critical role of a career system within State institutions for enhancing public sector efficiency. In an interview with Dr. Manuel Conde on “Cátedra Jurídica,” Montero highlights that integrating career employees into the state apparatus ensures effective management of State functions.

Montero underlines the central principles of the career system, notably equal access, which allows anyone qualified for a specified career position to have an open opportunity. He acknowledges the fundamental nature of the merit principle in the career system, ensuring that positions are filled by individuals with sufficient merit.

Another key principle Montero mentions is stability or permanence, safeguarding employees from arbitrary reassignment. Discussing advancements in public sector law, he refers to Law 41-08, which he describes as a total overhaul rather than a mere reform, changing the entire framework of public service law.

Montero also explains the categorization of positions within the state, including roles like ministers, vice ministers, general directors, and positions of trust, such as advisors and assistants. He notes that there are also simplified statute positions like drivers and receptionists, and temporary positions, which he believes are a mistake and should be phased out in future reforms.

Regarding the disassociation process from the public sector, Montero details that specific procedures exist, especially when dismissals occur due to faults. He assures that in such cases, employees do not lose their acquired rights.

The program “Cátedra Jurídica” on Z101FM, hosted by Dr. Manuel Conde, offers insights into the complex world of law, exploring the intricate network of laws and jurisprudence that shape society.

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