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Infotep: broadening horizons in tourism and hospitality

Image from Presidencia de la Rep. Dom.

Hermanas Mirabal, DR.- Rafael Santos Badía, the Director General of the National Institute of Professional Technical Training (Infotep), has emphasized the transformative impact of the newly established Hermanas Mirabal Technology Center. This modern facility is viewed as a catalyst for changing the lives of the province’s residents, providing more than 30 career options specifically tailored to the field of tourism.

Santos Badía attributes the realization of this modern center to President Luis Abinader’s strategic vision, prioritizing the expansion and strengthening of technical training initiatives.

In a distinctive approach, Santos Badía highlighted the center’s focus on careers in community tourism, offering a unique perspective nestled in the foothills of the northern mountain range. The center, equipped with four offices and thirty-two rooms, facilitates hands-on training in hospitality practices for participants.

Beyond traditional tourism roles, the center extends training opportunities to electricians, plumbers, cabinetmakers, television technicians, and lifeguards. The curriculum includes programs in gastronomy, pastry, baking, accounting, computing, secretarial work, language, and pharmacy. Notably, the Hermanas Mirabal Center caters to the comprehensive training needs of the hotel and tourism sectors.

Drawing students from various locales such as Samaná, Las Terrenas, Río San Juan, Gaspar Hernández, and San Francisco de Macorís, the Hermanas Mirabal Technological Center benefits from its strategic location, being equidistant from numerous towns in Cibao.

Santos Badía anticipates a promising future for the region, asserting that the facilities not only open doors to education but also attract investors. He revealed that in the coming months, several free zone companies are slated to open in the vicinity.

Reflecting on the progress made during his tenure, Santos Badía recalled the journey from initiating mobile workshops to overseeing the operations of a substantial center like Hermanas Mirabal. In addition to this center, he mentioned two others in Blanco Arriba and Montellano, set to inaugurate soon, further exemplifying the commitment to expanding educational opportunities and technical expertise in the region.

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