Local January 19, 2024 | 3:06 pm

New Amphitheater in Central Park of Santiago

Santiago, DR.- The Central Park of Santiago received an official donation of a newly constructed amphitheater from the La Altagracia Cooperative, representing an investment exceeding RD$12 million pesos. This initiative, undertaken with a strong commitment to enriching the cultural and recreational environment of the community, was warmly received by the authorities of the Board of Trustees managing the park.

Rafael Narciso Vargas, President of Cooperativa La Altagracia, expressed his joy and dedication to the cultural and artistic development of the city. Simultaneously, Luis Campos, President of the Central Park Board of Trustees, conveyed gratitude for the “generous” contribution, emphasizing the significance of the amphitheater as a space designed to unite the community through various artistic and cultural expressions.

The amphitheater, meticulously designed with attention to environmental details and audience comfort, stands as a new landmark in the heart of Parque Central. Spanning 410m2, including stands, a stage, and support spaces, it can accommodate 350 people for seated audiences. The architectural concept aligns with the cooperative’s commitment to the community and the environment, resulting in an organic, dynamic, and postmodern structure serving as an urban reference.

The inauguration featured artistic performances by “Son de Antonio Keka” and the dance group from the Mayor’s Office of Santiago. The amphitheater, now an integral part of Parque Central, stands as a lasting legacy enriching the cultural life of the city of Santiago.

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