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Santo Domingo Norte and Japan Embassy collaborate for improved garbage collection

Santo Domingo, DR.- The Mayor’s Office of Santo Domingo Norte (ASDN) and the Embassy of Japan in the Dominican Republic have entered into a cooperation agreement aimed at enhancing and expanding the solid waste collection in the vulnerable communities of Los Guaricanos.

Under the agreement, ASDN has received a donation of US$168,258.00 from the Government of Japan to purchase two compactors, improving the efficiency and frequency of garbage collection in Los Guaricanos. This initiative will benefit over 100 thousand inhabitants, ensuring a more effective, timely, and high-quality waste collection service.

The project falls under the “Non-refundable Economic Assistance for Community Human Security Projects” program conducted by the Japanese government in the country. The agreement, signed by Mayor Carlos Guzmán of Santo Domingo Norte and Japanese Ambassador Furukawa Tadao, specifies the acquisition of solid waste collection trucks within six months from the agreed date.

As part of the agreement, SDN commits to delivering a finalized and audited report to the donor party, outlining the achieved results in line with the original goals of the solid waste collection project in Los Guaricanos. The agreement also includes a financial report detailing the designated amount and the donation disbursement.

Mayor Guzmán highlighted the municipal management’s focus on efficient garbage collection and eliminating makeshift landfills, contributing to Santo Domingo Norte being recognized as the cleanest municipality in the country. He expressed gratitude to the Embassy of Japan for its solidarity, ensuring the municipality’s cleanliness.

Counselor Furukawa Tadao from the Embassy of Japan emphasized that through this form of Non-Refundable Economic Cooperation, Japan aims to contribute to the improvement and development of Dominican society while strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation between Japan and the municipality of Santo Domingo Norte.

The signing ceremony, held at the ASDN’s Víctor Piñeyro Conference Room, was attended by municipal officials, Japanese representatives, members of civil society, and the local and national press.

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Paul Tierney
January 20, 2024 8:40 am

Like many other good intention projects started in the country this one will go the way of the dodo. What the people really need is consistent regularly scheduled removal of curbside waste. In many cities of the USA there is regular pick-up of waste, especially when there is live municipal supervision to assure removal of waste.

Thank you Japan !

Last edited 1 month ago by Paul Tierney
January 21, 2024 5:04 am
Reply to  Paul Tierney

This problem requires personal accountability as well. I see people driving down the highway, throwing bottles and all sorts of trash on the road. It boils my blood to see they have no respect for their own country. I hope Japan can teach them something in this regard. It really is a shame to ruin the natural beauty that is the DR. Parents should be educated, then they can teach their children.

Last edited 1 month ago by Italman