Local January 24, 2024 | 10:12 am

Minerd and Unicef ​​hold forum on inclusive education in the DR

Santiago, DR.- A dedicated day centered around dual training aims to enhance the inclusive education process for students with disabilities and young adults returning after a period of dropout.

Marieta Díaz, Director of Regional Education 08, joined by regional technicians from the Center for Attention to Diversity (CAD), expressed enthusiasm for the project presented by Dr. Eva Pérez, Unicef facilitator and consultant. This initiative provides a fresh opportunity for individuals with disabilities to complete their technical studies and integrate into the workforce.

Lucía Vásquez Espínola, the General Director of Special Education at the Ministry of Education in the Dominican Republic (Minerd), outlined that this training, targeting a team of teachers, technicians, and school directors, is part of a dual training program being implemented as a pilot plan.

A press release indicates that the pilot plan will roll out in the Regional Areas of Santiago and Moca. This initiative aims to empower students with disabilities by providing them with vocational training, enabling swift integration into the productive sector.

The meeting, conducted at the Gran Almirante hotel, featured presentations by Eva Pérez, psychologist and Unicef facilitator; Antonio Marcelino, coordinator of the Minerd Pilot Plan; and Lissette Núñez, Unicef Education Officer.

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