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Santo Domingo Global Film Festival honors Dominican diaspora in New York City

Santo Domingo.- The 16th Santo Domingo Global Film Festival, which began on January 26 at the National Theater, honors the Dominican diaspora in New York City. Running until February 4 at the Blue Mall Cinema Palace in the National District, the festival, led by director Omar de la Cruz, has seen substantial growth in its programming and industry activities over the years.

Former President Leonel Fernandez highlighted the festival’s role in developing the local film industry during the inauguration. This edition introduced the Pericles Mejía award, honoring outstanding figures in the film industry. Notable recipients included Mexican actresses Kate del Castillo and Yalitza Aparicio, celebrated for their contributions to cinema.

Del Castillo, known for her roles in ‘La Reina del Sur’ and other films, attended with her husband, Edgar Bahena. Aparicio, acclaimed for her debut in ‘Roma,’ made history as the first indigenous Mexican actress nominated for an Oscar.

The festival also recognized actor and producer Elvis Nolasco, presenting his award-winning short film ‘Ro & the Stardust.’ The opening ceremony featured the premiere of ‘Once Upon a Time in the Caribbean’ by Ray Figueroa, combining western and samurai cinema with a distinct Puerto Rican touch.

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