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Dominican Republic recognized for stable economy by WEF indicators

San Francisco de Macorís, DR.- President Luis Abinader announced on Monday that the Dominican Republic has been recognized among countries with stable economies and high growth levels, according to a recent report by the World Economic Forum.

Additionally, the president introduced the ChequéameTú citizen audit program, aimed at allowing the public to scrutinize the government’s activities, fostering trust and transparency.

These remarks were made by the president during the weekly press event, La Semanal, held this time in San Francisco de Macorís.

The head of state highlighted that the World Economic Forum’s new report on future economic growth outlines global trends in 107 countries, utilizing 84 indicators measuring sustainability, resilience, inclusion, and innovation in the evaluated economies.

Regarding some key indicators from the report, such as corruption control, the president noted a 24.0% improvement, with the figure rising from 33.22 in 2019 to 41.21 in 2023. Knowledge-intensive employment saw a 17.5% improvement, increasing from 43.06 in 2019 to 50.58 in 2023.

In terms of international trade openness, there was a 15.4% improvement, moving from 27.90 in 2019 to 32.20 in 2023. The legitimacy of the State improved by 15.0%, going from 40.00 in 2019 to 46.00 in 2023.

The report also indicated a 14.2% improvement in social polarization on political issues, rising from 29.18 in 2019 to 33.33 in 2023. Renewable energy consumption improved by 12.1%, increasing from 14.89 in 2019 to 16.69 in 2023.

Furthermore, the president mentioned an 11.78% improvement in bureaucracy and corruption, with the figure moving from 41.42 in 2019 to 46.30 in 2023. Independence of justice showed an 8.6% advance, rising from 38.12 in 2019 to 41.38 in 2023.

Discussing the quality of the police, the report revealed an 8.0% improvement, with the figure increasing from 45.20 in 2019 to 48.81 in 2023. Internet usage among the population saw a 6.9% improvement, rising from 79.72 in 2019 to 85.24 in 2023.


President Luis Abinader emphasized that the new program, Chequéame Tú, aims to facilitate a social audit of all sectors. The program allows the public to scrutinize the government directly, focusing on indicators of public interest.

“With this program, the population will be able to check their government. We want the population to be vigilant, as the government has nothing to hide,” said the president.

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