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Juan XXIII Center advocates for unrestricted access to solar energy amid growing concerns

Santo Domingo.- The Juan XXIII Center has noted a growing interest in the adoption of renewable energies, particularly photovoltaic technology utilizing sunlight through panels or plates. However, concerns have arisen regarding recent reports that seem to question its implementation and promotion, placing blame for deficits in electricity distribution companies and the state’s finances.

In a statement, the Juan XXIII Center expressed that these reports, instead of seeking to align with favorable policies, seem to promote, through regulation, restrictions on users’ rights to deploy solar panels. Such restrictions are viewed as hindering the alleviation of the significant issue of high electricity costs and the utilization of a natural resource that is environmentally friendly.

The Dominican Republic has been progressing towards achieving goals outlined in international commitments and domestic legislation, particularly the National Development Strategy (END). The END emphasizes renewable energies as a primary objective for national development, promoting responsible and environmentally friendly policies to enhance energy independence and mitigate excessive public spending resulting from extensive fossil fuel usage in the energy sector.

Highlighting the success of the distributed generation model, allowing users to leverage photovoltaic technology, the Juan XXIII Center argues that limiting solar panel use under the pretext of affecting energy supply companies’ businesses could lead to the promotion of monopolies. This restriction could potentially infringe on the recognized right of users to access electrical energy, a right not exclusive to any specific electric service supply company.

The center asserts that energy users have the right to adopt renewable generation systems such as solar panels, whether for complete or partial self-sufficiency. They find it counterproductive to attempt to restrict or limit this right under the argument presented in recent studies.

The center urges regulatory authorities in the electricity sector to exercise their powers with strict adherence to these principles when formulating new regulations governing the use of solar panels in the country.

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